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Khao Lak Beaches

The Khao Lak holiday area is quite long. More that 30 km of beaches ! Khao Lak can be split up in several areas, each worth exploring.

1 South Beach

Is behind the beautiful Lamru National Park and can be reached by motorbike or taxi.

2 Sunset Beach

Is the first beach towards Khao Lak. When you look down from the viewpoint you can see the first beach of Khao Lak.

3 Nang Thong (Khao Lak) Beach

Is the main beach of Khao Lak. Khao Lak Center is located on this beach.

4 Bang Niang Beach

Is in the next village after Khao Lak. Long and sandy beach.

5 Khuk Khak Beach

Is also a long and sandy beach and  continues from Bang Niang Beach. This is the place for a nice beach walk.

6 Pakarang Cape

Is a beach and a cape: in fact with low tide you can walk over the cape and have a great view of the beaches in Khao Lak.

7 Coconut Beach

One of the most scenic places in Khao Lak. With overhanging palm trees and a flat sandy beach it sets the perfect spot for nice holiday photos.

8 White Sand Beach

A long sandy beach. In high season the sand is almost white, hence the name ‘ White Sand Beach’.

9 Pak Weep Beach

This beach is quite steep, but very nice, because there are not many hotels in that area. Good for a beach walk.

10 Bang Sak Beach

Is at the end of the Khao Lak holiday area. Seafood restaurants on the small boulevard are worth a visit !